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Family Service

Call us at +91 8617699862 for complete family service.


Addiction is a family disease. One person may use but the whole family suffers.

Bharati Rehabilitation center

Bharati Rehabilitation center

Bharati Rehabilitation center is considered to be a dedicated and effective treatment center in executing clinical as well as therapy based treatment facilitation in the field of drug addiction and alcoholism as well as treating mild psychological problems arising due to substance abusing.

Located at an ideal location in Durgapur, West Bengal it has been delivering its services for the past 10 consecutive years successfully because of the wealth of experience we have in this field, our dedicated and efficient staff members, doctors and our moral and conscience attachment to those suffering and trapped in the grip of drugs and alcohol.
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Bharati Rehabilitation center

Our Mission

To help addicts / alcoholics recover from substance abusing disorder and live a normal,healthy life through proper rehabilitation procedure which is executed under three major areas that is clinical, psychological and spiritual. Thereby turning them into happy and productive individuals bringing in benefits and happiness to their respective families as well as our society.